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Bee You Kids Club

We are ready to start preparing the Bee You Kids Club

with supplies and materials!

Starting Feb. 1st, we are accepting donations in person and by mail at:

Xtreme Hip Hop Headquarters
1621 Golden Gate Plaza

 Mayfield Heights OH 44124

Mon-Fri 11am-4pm


Requested Learning Supply and Materials List (6 months - 13 years old):

Dramatic arts materials (items that can be repurposed into dramatic play):

  1. Play food and play eating/ and cooking utensils

  2. Baby dolls, stuffed animals, and figurines for dollhouses

  3. Play sets, such as kitchen and house

  4. Themed dramatic play items, such as doctor’s office or salon

  5. Play house items: bed/cradle, bottles, telephones, toy iron, toy vacuum 

Math & Science Activity Supplies:

  1. Number cubes and rods, abacus, and other counting tools

  2. Magnets, prisms, kaleidoscopes, and color filters

  3. Lenses such as binoculars, magnifying glasses, or a microscope

  4. Shape puzzles and displays

  5. Measuring tools such as rulers, measuring tapes, measuring cups, scales

Arts & Crafts Supplies:

  1. Variety of paper: drawing paper, construction paper, tissue, etc.

  2. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils

  3. Child-safe scissors

  4. Glue

  5. Craft materials such as sequins, feathers, foam, pipe cleaners, glitter, cardboard tubes, paper plates, fabric, buttons, pom-poms, etc.


Fine Motor Activity Materials:

  1. Shape sorters

  2. Connecting straws/sticks; gears and other small connecting objects

  3. Small themed toys for sorting, such as fruit

  4. Texture and visual puzzles (foam, plastic, wood, etc.)

  5. Beads, bead pattern cards, and strings

Block Activity Materials

  1. Large hollow wooden blocks

  2. Large plastic blocks

  3. Foam blocks

  4. Cardboard blocks

  5. Figurines for block activity play (such as people, vehicles, animals, roads and traffic signs, city-themed play mat)

Reading Area Materials

  1. A wide variety of books and magazines, including fiction and nonfiction, for various age levels

  2. Audio player/listening station with headsets

  3. Audiobooks 

  4. Written materials from daily life (such as calendars and phone books)

  5. Paper and& writing materials

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