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Group Fitness Classes

Available to All members and day Pass Members


no pre-registration required!

ALL Group Classes are Now Virtual!

Xtreme Burn & Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil

Available at

All other classes Available at

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= Black and Yellow Day Event

Group Fitness Classes

Stop searching for the perfect fitness classes - Xtreme Compound has them all!


With 34 different classes - we offer a variety of fitness fun including aerobic/cardio, toning, Dancing, Weighted Drumming, and strength training. The group fitness team at Xtreme Compound has a class to help you meet all your fitness goals six days a week.

Available to gym members and day pass members only.

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(arrive 10 min prior to class start)

 Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil and Xtreme Burn with Phil  has free Live Streamed classes weekly!
 Xtreme Hip Hop 

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