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Group Fitness Classes

Available to All members and day Pass Members


no pre-registration required!


= Virtual Class Available with Phil

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= Black and Yellow Day Event

Group Fitness Classes

Stop searching for the perfect fitness classes - Xtreme Compound has them all!


With 15 different classes we offer variety of fitness fun including aerobic/cardio, toning, Dancing, Weighted Drumming, and strength training. The group fitness team at Xtreme Compound has a class to help you meet all your fitness goals six days a week.

Available to gym members and day pass members only.

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New Classes Coming Sept 18th

Banded Up with Phil

Join this calorie blasting high intensity cardio and strength training. Learn functional movements with dumbbells and resistance bands that target every muscle group.

Yoga With Lola It's time to align your mind, body and spirit.  Center yourself via the art of Yoga. Whether you are just beginning or have full on experience, this class is designed to increase your flexibility, strength & to elevate your mindfulness, movement and meditation.

Xtreme Hip Hop with Moejo steps up to Sunday Intermediate and Tuesday Advanced Xtreme Hip Hop classes full of full body cardio burn through step aerobic fitness set to Hip Hop music.

With various elements of high intensity cardio mixed with muscle confusion, Da R3Mix with Rawn takes 18+ years of teaching experience and combines effective exercises from the past, present, and adds new variables exclusive to this class only. Expect the unexpected!


show up and join in!

(arrive 10 min prior to class start)

 Xtreme Hip Hop and Xtreme Burn has free Live Streamed classes weekly!
 Xtreme Hip Hop 

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